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Crypto Mining Firms såg andelar efter Bitcoins priskorrigering

Medan spridningen av kryptogrundföretag gradvis tar centrum, dominerar för närvarande duot Riot Blockchain och Marathon Patent Group sfären och backas upp av investerarnas pengar.

Den prisjustering som registrerades av Bitcoin (BTC) vid handelns slut i går har väckt ett motsvarande dopp i kryptogruvsföretagens aktier, särskilt de som handlar på Wall Street. Vid slutet av handeln på måndag sjönk aktierna i Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT) med 14,86% till 22,64 US $ per aktie medan aktierna i Las Vegas-baserade Marathon Patent Group Inc (NASDAQ: MARA) minskade med 11,48% till 23,36 US $ per aktie.

Förlusten av priset på Bitcoin Circuit resulterade i en krusningseffekt över kryptovalutans ekosystem eftersom de flesta projekt är beroende av Bitcoin. Marknaden avskedade så mycket som 170 miljarder dollar i sitt börsvärde på måndagen, eftersom förlusten av priset på Bitcoin också påverkade priset på altcoins.

Trots den förlust som upplevts var fallet i Bitcoin inte oväntat enligt Simons Chen, verkställande direktör för investeringar och handel på kryptovalutafinansbolaget Babel Finance.

Han sade i ett uttalande, „den korrigering vi såg var förväntad eftersom vi tror att BTC-prisuppgången nyligen från under $ 20 000 till $ 40 000 under de senaste fyra veckorna kommer att framkalla säljtryck.“

Även om aktierna från båda kryptogruvsföretagen, Riot Blockchain och Marathon Patent Group slog hit igår, hade den nuvarande imponerande prestationen påverkats mycket under de senaste veckorna med massiv BTC-blomning. Enligt en insiderrapport från Business handlades aktierna i Riot Blockchain i början av december 2020 innan den pågående tjurkörningen antändes till knappt $ 10 och idag är de värda $ 22. Marathon Patent Group å andra sidan såg sin aktietillväxt från $ 5 tillbaka i december till $ 23 i skrivande stund.

Way to Go för Crypto Mining Firms

Medan spridningen av kryptogrundföretag gradvis tar centrum, dominerar för närvarande duot Riot Blockchain och Marathon Patent Group sfären och backas upp av investerarnas pengar.

Prestandan för denna bransch och dessa företag är starkt beroende av Bitcoins prestanda och när priset på Bitcoin stiger, svarar aktierna i dessa kryptogruvsföretag i tandem och detsamma händer när priset sjunker.

Bitcoin-gruvproblem slog nyligen sin rekordhöga tid som antyder att kryptogrundföretagen måste fördubblas i sin gruvmaskininfrastruktur, ett drag som enligt uppgift sträcker tillverkare av gruvutrustning.

”ASIC-tillverkare har varit tvungna att avvisa mer än en halv miljard dollar i beställningar av gruvutrustning enbart under Q4 2020. Försörjningskedjor för hårdvara är för närvarande överbelastade av enorm efterfrågan, säger Edward Evenson, affärsutvecklingschef på Braiins, ett gruvprogramvaruföretag.

Medan efterfrågan från ASIC-tillverkare har ökat rapporterar Business Insider att Riot Blockchain och Marathon Patent Group redan har gjort förbeställningar på 31 000 respektive 90 000 kryptbrytningsmaskiner fram till 2020.

Breaking: bitcoin reaches $37,600 – Does the rally continue?

Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high as it has risen above $37,700 for the first time ever.

This brings the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization to almost $700 billion. Currently, the Bitcoin price is trading at $37,600 after a setback from the newly set all-time high.

The funding rates of the leading Cryptosoft futures markets are currently in positive territory at 0.1% per eight hours on Binance. Many see this extremely high funding rate as a sign that there are many retail investors buying the cryptocurrency via futures, which could lead to a steeper correction if the buying action eases to the upside.

The funding rate is the recurring rate that long positions pay to short positions on futures platforms to normalize the price of the futures to the price of the underlying spot market. But is a reset really to be expected?

What is behind this bitcoin rally?

Behind the ongoing Bitcoin price rally is a surge of interest from both individuals and institutions buying Bitcoins. Just recently, SkyBridge Capital announced that they own $300 million worth of BTC:

„SkyBridge Capital, a leading global alternative investment firm, today announced the launch of SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP, which provides mass affluent investors with an institutional vehicle for exposure to Bitcoin. In addition, SkyBridge has initiated a position on behalf of its flagship funds worth approximately $310 million as of the date of this release in funds investing in Bitcoin in November and December 2020.“

Retail investor interest is also growing immensely, but it appears that there is still a lot of room to grow compared to 2017. [Buy cryptocurrencies? Go to buy bitcoin at eToro guide]

Bitcoin price target at $300,000

Prominent trader Peter Brandt published a tweet today by emphasizing that Bitcoin is now fully entering the parabolic phase. In doing so, he says that while BTC is currently „overbought“, the cryptocurrency will continue to hold this condition. Bitcoin is on track to reach new all-time highs.

If his chart is to be believed, Bitcoin could rise towards $300,000. But he is not the only one who is bullish on Bitcoin.

Generate passive income with Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) – Feel Mining’s offer accessible to all

Staking on Ethereum requires a certain technical background and especially a minimum of 32 ETH, which represents significant obstacles for the majority of investors. Based on this observation, the French Feel Mining platform offers a staking service on Ethereum 2.0 without any technical constraints and accessible from 1 ETH.

Ethereum 2.0 – A revolution for the world of cryptocurrencies

Much of the cryptocurrency ecosystem relies on a single network, Ethereum . On its own, Ethereum hosts a massive amount of applications and tokens, which it has struggled to maintain since the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi). Ethereum’s current technical capabilities no longer meet its needs, transactions have become very expensive and take a long time to complete.

The developers then worked on a major update, Ethereum 2.0. This new version of the protocol, which is still in development for a few years, has already entered service in a limited version, phase 0. By migrating from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) , Ethereum 2.0 is already eligible for staking , allowing holders of Ethers to generate passive income .

However, the accessibility of staking on Ethereum 2.0 is less, especially if you do not pass a trusted third party. To be eligible for staking, you must hold at least 32 ETH , or more than € 15,000 at the time of writing these lines. In addition, this investment opportunity requires sufficient technical background to maintain a network node oneself.

These are the barriers that make ETH staking complex and prevent a majority of investors from taking advantage of it. However, there is a solution to go through these financial and technical prerequisites, delegate its Ethers to a trusted third party , here the French platform Feel Mining .

Generate income with ETH staking on Feel Mining

Based on this observation, the Feel Mining platform has therefore set up a new offer dedicated to staking on Ethereum 2.0 , making it as accessible as possible.

Thus, Feel Mining breaks the barrier of the 32 ETH necessary to start staking on Ethereum 2.0. From 1 ETH , you too can generate passive income with your Ethers.

To do this, Feel Mining offers 2 investment options :

If you don’t have ETH: you can buy ETH directly on the platform, either with euros or with cryptocurrencies;

If you already hold ETH: you can deposit them on Feel Mining and start your staking.

Feel Mining Ethereum

In addition to making staking much more accessible from a financial point of view, Feel Mining also takes care of all the technical part . No more need to set up an Ethereum node on your side and maintain it for several years, Feel Mining takes care of all this aspect for you.

As of this writing, the interest rate for staking on Ethereum 2.0 is 12.8% per annum . This fluctuates automatically depending on the number of ETH stakes on the network. The more ETH there is in staking, the more the interest rate will decrease. Variations in this interest rate are therefore frequent, and Feel Mining is not responsible for them.

It is therefore relatively wise to participate in ETH staking now if you are interested in it, or if you already have it, in order to take advantage of a preferential interest rate.

Be aware, however, that ETH staking is special. The minimum duration of staking is planned for at least 2 years . This duration is not fixed and depends only on the progress of the development of Ethereum 2.0. Thus, your ETH stakes will be locked and inaccessible during this transition period.

Regarding the rewards generated by staking, these should be available towards the end of 2021, when phase 1.5 or 2 of Ethereum 2.0 has been deployed.

For its staking service on Ethereum 2.0, Feel Mining charges a 7% fee on the income generated . Note, however, that to reward the first arrivals, Feel Mining offers management fees for the first 3 months for any contract taken out before December 31, 2020 .

South Korea deferred taxation of crypt currencies until 2022

The Planning and Finance Committee of the South Korean National Assembly proposed to postpone the introduction of income tax on crypt currency transactions until January 2022. This has been reported by the local media.

Initially the authorities planned to introduce the tax in October 2021. Parliamentarians explain the change in timing by the fact that crypt currency exchanges need more time to create an effective tax infrastructure.

The stock exchanges are now obliged to complete KYC procedures for customers by September 2021 as part of the implementation of the law „On Special Payments“. The amendments also provide for a ban on anonymous cryptov currencies.

According to the publication, some investors have already expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s initiatives to regulate the crypt market.

It should be reminded that the South Korean government plans to tax capital gains for transactions with cryptov currencies became known in December 2019. The rate was expected to be at 20%.

Riot Blockchain appoints Hubert Marleau as new director

Marleau was previously Governor of the Montreal and Vancouver Stock Exchanges.

Riot shares jumped 50% last week after sluggish 2020

After releasing Q3 2020 financial data that shows increased mining revenues and margins, Riot Blockchain announced changes at the board level.

NASDAQ-listed Riot Blockchain, one of the few publicly traded companies operating Bitcoin, recently made changes to its board of directors . A short press release posted on Riot’s website states that Remo Mancini amicably resigned from the board with immediate effect:

Sir. Mancini’s decision to resign from the company’s board of directors is not the result of a disagreement with the company’s operations, policies or procedures.

Marleau for the role

The company also announced that it has appointed Hubert Marleau to fill the vacant seat . Mr. Marleau brings with him a wealth of experience in macroeconomic policy and analysis, corporate governance, financial analysis and investment banking. Most notable is Marleau’s tenure as Governor of the Montreal and Vancouver Stock Exchanges and Administrator of the Toronto Stock Exchange. These continued high profile appointments ranging from the traditional financial system to the cryptocurrency financial system lend additional legitimacy to the crypto space.

Riot Blockchain also made headlines last month after announcing it bought an additional $ 6 million in Bitcoin mining equipment from Bitmain. This purchase was in addition to many other mining equipment purchases from Bitmain for much of 2020.

More than 15,000 miners were purchased in August. At the time, Mancini said the company’s strategic transformation was well underway. Riot was working to become one of the largest Bitcoin miners in North America. Mancini also said at the time that Riot would achieve positive cash flow at the end of 2020.

The outlook is certainly good as Riot shares have jumped 50% this week .

Bitcoin Exchanges already accept PIX but deposits are still slow and withdrawal fees high, nothing new

Pix has already started but Bitcoin and cryptomaniac investors have gained nothing new for now: deposits remain slow and withdrawal fees high

Bitcoin Exchanges already accept PIX but deposits are still slow and withdrawal fees high, nothing newNOTES

Pix, the Brazilian Central Bank’s instant payment system, was officially launched for all Brazilians in this second 16th.

Announced as a „revolution in the financial market in Brazil“ Pix promises transactions in real time, 24 hours a day and the best, with no fees for individuals.

This way the functionality could allow investors in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas to make deposits in real to trade crypto at any time of the day or night and, best, ‚withdraw‘ the money from exchanges at any time as well.

However, on this first day, Pix transactions on BTC exchanges are not being confirmed „in real time“, nor are they available for withdrawals.

Although all Bitcoin and Cryptomoedas companies in Brazil have bank accounts and, in theory, can receive and send a Pix, not all have enabled these features for the user.

However, the companies that have already enabled the function are also not happening as promised by the Pix, i.e. in real time.

The Cointelegraph did some tests with the new Central Bank system, sending a Pix to other banks and sending it to companies that trade cryptomotes.

In the case of sending from one bank to another the transaction took place in real time, now in the case of sending to Bitcoin companies it did not.

In the tests we sent amounts from a current account of Banco do Brasil to the companies Mercado Bitcoin and Novadax.

Nothing really new
Although the process of confirming the deposit and availability on the Bitcoin trading panel took place more quickly than the previous process, via TED or DOC, confirmation still took more than 10 minutes.

In addition the Cointelegraph tried to do the „reverse“ process i.e. using Pix to withdraw the values in Real from the user and transfer them to the client’s bank account.

The process, with Pix, could be faster and cheaper, however it is not available yet, i.e. users can only use Pix for deposits and not for withdrawals.

Thus, the user who wishes to withdraw the amounts in Reais from his bank account is still limited to TED and DOC operations and therefore business hours.

Also, the fees for withdrawals have not changed and are still the same.

Thus, for the time being, although Pix has facilitated the deposit process at Bitcoin companies and cryptomoedas it is not yet being „fully utilized“ and, at least for the time being, has not meant any real gain for BTC investors in Brazil who have neither faster deposits nor cheaper withdrawals.

Analisi del linguaggio naturale di PayPal

Analisi del linguaggio naturale di PayPal Abilitare l’acquisto/vendita di Bitcoin

Il 23 giugno di quest’anno ho riferito le voci riguardanti PalPay e Venmo per consentire l’acquisto/vendita di Bitcoin:

PayPal PYPL -2,9% ha annunciato ufficialmente i suoi piani per consentire ai suoi ~350 milioni di utenti di acquistare e vendere Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash e Litecoin. Questa notizia è arrivata nel bel mezzo di una costante rincorsa nei mercati cripto, con Bitcoin in crescita del ~80% YTD e del 3% dal suo minimo di marzo:
Prezzo BTC-USD Coinbase e volume stimato di NTerminal Anno a oggi

Questo annuncio ha catalizzato la discussione sull’adozione e l’istituzionalizzazione dei beni digitali. Ci sono opinioni opposte all’interno della comunità per quanto riguarda sia il significato Bitcoin Rush di questa notizia, sia il fatto che essa sia di supporto o dannosa per la visione di un futuro finanziario decentralizzato.

Consigliato per voi

Perché la più grande banca d’America è improvvisamente molto rialzista su Bitcoin
La strategia Crypto di Visa sta guidando la sua prossima fase di crescita
Silvergate richiede 586 milioni di dollari in depositi in valuta criptata

Non le tue chiavi… Mentre questa mossa permetterà a più individui la possibilità di ottenere l’esposizione a questi beni, gli utenti non saranno in grado di trasferire il cripto-catena:
PIU‘ DALLE FORBICHEUn’opinione popolare: Perché l’abilitazione di PayPal per l’acquisto di Bitcoin non è tutto

Di Joseph Young

Nel tentativo di capire meglio la discussione, analizzo i dati del linguaggio naturale aggregati da NTerminal all’interno di Splunk. Per iniziare, possiamo confrontare il numero di eventi totali con la parola chiave „Bitcoin“ che menziona „PayPal“ nel tempo, così come il numero di url di documenti unici a cui si fa riferimento:
Conteggio degli eventi e degli url di documenti unici per le menzioni di Paypal YTD

Come ci si dovrebbe aspettare, vediamo un chiaro picco nella quantità di menzioni di PayPal negli eventi che riguardano Bitcoin. Utilizzando un’API di IBM IBM -3,3%, possiamo stimare il sentimento verso il termine „bitcoin“ in ciascuno di questi eventi. I risultati sono classificati in „negativo“, „neutro“ o „positivo“ per semplicità:

Bitcoin IBM Term-Sentiment con PayPal menziona YTD

Utilizzando il riconoscimento dell’entità per i potenziali candidati al nome dell’organizzazione dal 21 ottobre, quando PayPal ha pubblicato il comunicato stampa, vediamo che PayPal ha l’url del documento più unico citato negli eventi con la parola chiave „bitcoin“ (escludendo l’entità potenziale rilevata „BTC“).

Ciò indica che la notizia di PayPal sta probabilmente dominando gran parte della recente discussione. Come ci si potrebbe aspettare, questa notizia sembra essere diffusa principalmente dai mezzi di comunicazione di cripto/blockchain, che possiamo vedere attraverso i tag di autore/agente di provenienza:

Solo per fare un confronto, possiamo fare lo stesso per una parola come „schnorr“, che è il nome di una firma digitale posta come algoritmo alternativo per la firma dei messaggi Bitcoin. Qui gli eventi sono prodotti principalmente da agenti con tag „tech“ o „sicurezza“:

Questa analisi non è sicuramente compressiva, ma può aiutarci a contestualizzare l’impatto della notizia e la discussione che la circonda. Indipendentemente dalla vostra opinione sul fatto che sia positiva o negativa per Bitcoin, l’annuncio di PayPal è forse l’argomento più attivo nei media cripto/blockchain in questo momento.

Goldman Sachs może być bliżej BTC

Goldman Sachs zasugerował, że chce zwiększyć swoje holdingi Bitcoinów i potencjalnie posunąć się do przodu, jeśli chodzi o zrozumienie, poznanie i utrzymanie BTC w przyszłości.

Goldman Sachs ma mieszane powiązania z BTC.

Jeśli chodzi o krypto-waluty, Goldman Sachs był bardzo przebojową firmą, często chodzącą tam i z powrotem pomiędzy docenieniem jej a nienawiścią do niej. Szczególnie paskudny i mieszany zwrot nastąpił w maju zeszłego roku, kiedy firma ogłosiła, że zamierza zaoferować specjalne seminarium na temat kilku alternatywnych aktywów, w tym bitcoin.

Jednak ci, którzy mieli czas na zajęcia szybko dowiedzieli się, że Cryptosoft nie był tematem seminarium i że firma przede wszystkim spędziła czas na walce z walutą i rozmawiali o tym, jaki to bezsensowny atut. Firma wzięła stronę z książki Warrena Buffetta i ogłosiła podczas wirtualnego wydarzenia:

Zabezpieczenie, którego aprecjacja zależy przede wszystkim od tego, czy ktoś inny jest skłonny zapłacić za nie wyższą cenę, nie jest odpowiednią inwestycją.

Wielu analityków i ekspertów branżowych miało zastrzeżenia co do negatywnego nastawienia firmy do kryptokursztynu numer jeden na świecie pod względem pułapu rynkowego, choć niedługo po zakończeniu seminarium firma ogłosiła, że potencjalnie poszukuje możliwości zbudowania własnej kryptokursztynu, co sugeruje, że być może gniew wobec bitcoinów rodzi się z konkurencji, a nie z uzasadnionej nienawiści.

Zaledwie w ubiegłym miesiącu ogłoszono, że osoba z długą historią współpracy z Goldman Sachs dołączy do grona Galaxy Digital, której właścicielem i operatorem jest Michael Novogratz, jeden z największych adwokatów Bitcoinów na świecie. W jednym z ostatnich wywiadów, Novogratz skomentował to następująco:

Goldman Sachs będzie musiał sam dostać się do krypty… Widzę stosunkowo stabilny dysk w przestrzeni, teraz. Tło makro czyni historię bitcoin i crypto dość potężnym.

Gdyby Goldman Sachs zdecydował się wejść w przestrzeń bitcoin i krypto walutę, byłaby to jedna z największych firm, choć na pewno nie pierwsza. W zeszłym miesiącu dotarła do nas wiadomość, że MicroStrategy zakupiła ponad 400 milionów dolarów w jednostkach BTC, aby zabezpieczyć swoje bogactwo przed inflacją w przyszłości.

Prezes firmy, Michael Saylor, powiedział, że Bitcoin jest prawdopodobnie bardziej solidny i bezpieczny niż zarówno waluty fiatowe, jak i złoto.

Firmy chcą pozostać na czele

Novogratz twierdzi, że kilka firm prawdopodobnie zaangażuje się w bitcoin, biorąc pod uwagę, że konkurencja powstaje z takich krajów jak Chiny, które już ujawniły plany dotyczące cyfrowego juana. Przedsiębiorstwa i firmy uważają, że kraj ten staje się zbyt potężny, i chcą zapewnić sobie przewagę.

Ponadto, niedawno powiedział, że składnik aktywów może znaleźć się w handlu na 50.000 dolarów w ciągu najbliższych kilku lat, a wiele firm chce osiągnąć zdrowy zysk.

Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin: BTC rimane supportata per ulteriori guadagni verso gli 11.700 dollari

  • Tori Bitcoin che puntano a 11.500 dollari
  • La coppia BTC/USD perde infine l’1 per cento dopo i guadagni consecutivi
  • Tori che affrontano una forte resistenza vicino a $11.500
  • Una linea di tendenza ascendente chiave per il prezzo del bitcoin

Panoramica dei prezzi Bitcoin

Il prezzo Bitcoin è scambiato in un mercato rialzista al momento al di fuori della zona di supporto dopo aver realizzato guadagni consistenti dopo che la piazza di Jack Dorsey ha annunciato l’assegnazione dell’1 per cento delle sue riserve in contanti a BTC. La più grande moneta criptata è ben supportata per un ulteriore rialzo verso i livelli di prezzo di 11.500 e 11.700 dollari.

Ricapitolazione giornaliera del prezzo Bitcoin

L’azione del prezzo bitcoin ha iniziato il giorno di trading a $11431,6 dopo aver chiuso il giorno precedente a $11425,4. Finora, la coppia BTC/USD è stata scambiata entro una fascia di prezzo di 11375,9$ – 11470,0$, e attualmente è scambiata a 11393,7$.

Grafico a 4 ore BTC/USD

L’azione del prezzo bitcoin è rimasta positiva negli ultimi giorni di trading oltre il supporto di 11.000 dollari. Il top della criptocurrency è riuscito a liberare la pressione di vendita vicino agli 11.240 dollari e al 55-SMA.

Il rally del prezzo di Bitcoin Future ha guadagnato ritmo dopo aver superato il livello di 11.500 dollari per raggiungere un nuovo massimo mensile di 11.737 dollari prima di iniziare una correzione. L’azione dei prezzi Bitcoin è riuscita a scendere sotto i livelli di supporto di 11.600 e 11.580 dollari.

Al momento, l’azione del prezzo bitcoin è scambiata oltre la zona di ancoraggio di $11.320 con il supporto immediato vicino a $11.240.

Previsione del prezzo Bitcoin

Il movimento sostenuto al di sopra del livello di prezzo di 11.000 dollari ha migliorato il punto di vista di Bitcoin e ha dato ai trader la speranza di essere pronti a raggiungere il suo livello di bullismo. Più di 1,5 milioni di indirizzi bitcoin contenenti più di 1 milione di dollari in BTC forniscono un muro difensivo contro una rottura al di sotto del robusto supporto di 11.000 dollari.

C’è una linea di tendenza ascendente cruciale che si sta delineando ancorata vicino al supporto di 11.320 dollari. Se i tori possono sostenere il bullismo, il prezzo del bitcoin potrebbe continuare a salire al di sopra del supporto di 11.450 dollari verso gli 11.500 dollari. La prossima pressione critica di vendita si trova vicino al livello di prezzo di 11.700 dollari. Un’ulteriore resistenza si trova oltre i 12.000 dollari e i 12.200 dollari se gli acquirenti possono continuare con lo slancio.

Al contrario, la cripto-valuta è attualmente supportata dal livello di prezzo di 11.320 dollari. Se gli orsi tengono a bada i tori, un ulteriore supporto è fornito dal livello di prezzo di 11.240 dollari. La violazione del supporto critico potrebbe portare a un forte calo, che sarebbe disastroso per gli acquirenti.

La cosa positiva è che ci sono più di 1 milione di indirizzi con oltre 600.000 BTC situati vicino al livello di prezzo di 11.500 dollari. Inoltre, al di sopra di questo livello, la pressione di vendita è minima.

Inoltre, l’indebolimento del dollaro statunitense implica che la massima crittovaluta è pronta per ulteriori guadagni. La gente sta perdendo fiducia nella valuta di riserva mondiale a causa della politica monetaria sfavorevole e la banca centrale statunitense sta stampando più dollari per alleviare la crisi economica creata dalla pandemia del coronavirus.

Il vasto deprezzamento del dollaro USA avviene quando il rischio di inflazione è al suo massimo. Questo porta BTC sotto i riflettori come bene rifugio sicuro, come l’oro. Tuttavia, la natura decentralizzata di Bitcoin la protegge dalla manipolazione e dallo sfruttamento.

MicroStrategy, Square & Bitcoin: O que esses investidores estão vendo que os demais não estão?

Muito parecido com Paul Tudor Jones colocando seu dinheiro no cavalo Bitcoin, a grande aposta Bitcoin da MicroStrategy e a compra de $ 50 milhões do BTC pela Square chocou o mercado. No entanto, devemos ficar chocados em primeiro lugar?

Ao contrário dos dois anteriores, o otimismo do Bitcoin da Square é público há muito tempo. CashApp já permite Bitcoin e apenas compras de Bitcoin e CEO Jack Dorsey é provavelmente o maior touro Bitcoin no Vale do Silício no momento.

Quero dizer, ele maximiza suas compras de Bitcoins toda semana. Para fins de contexto, são $ 10.000 em Bitcoins todas as semanas

Para um contexto mais aprofundado, o preço médio diário de negociação do Bitcoin é de $ 9.196 e já se passaram 40 semanas no ano, o que significa que Dorsey comprou em 2020 apenas 44,1 Bitcoins. Se isso não sublinha sua tendência para o Bitcoin, nada o faz.

Então, de volta à tendência do Bitcoin, seguindo o pivô da Square, MicroStrategy e PTJ – seus respectivos movimentos para favorecer a criptomoeda vieram imediatamente após a quebra de março e o subsequente renascimento da criptografia. Enquanto outros ativos, como ações de tecnologia e, em certa medida, ouro, também tiveram ressurgimentos fortes, se não mais fortes, e mais estáveis, o Bitcoin ainda permanece preferido.

Esses investidores abastados estão vendo algo que o resto de nós não está? Simplificando, não, eles não são

O renascimento do Bitcoin após março tem sido uma tendência que todo o mercado vem se recuperando, muito em detrimento do que é medido – a moeda fiduciária. Na verdade, de acordo com um relatório recente da Chainalysis Markets Intel , desde a queda de março, a mudança direcional de Bitcoin para fiat deu uma guinada acentuada. Mais como uma volta em V, na verdade.

O relatório afirmou que, depois de março, os investidores fiat “continuaram exigindo Bitcoin” e aqui, “exigindo” refere-se a exigir Bitcoin por moeda fiduciária. Antes da queda em março , o relatório afirmava que o Bitcoin estava em vias de sair, por decreto. Isso é interessante, pois no primeiro trimestre deste ano civil, o Bitcoin movimentou mais de $ 10.000 duas vezes depois de começar em $ 7.000. Portanto, mesmo neste nível, a criptografia estava sendo empurrada para fora.

O que isso significa é que no nível de preço atual, Bitcoin acima de $ 10.000 e agora acima de $ 11.000, a criptomoeda tem mais confiança do que no início do ano, quando saltou para mais de $ 3.000. E o que é mais é que essa confiança não está irradiando apenas dos investidores de varejo, aqueles que continuaram lutando antes de 2020 e 2019, mas também dos fundos de hedge e magnatas da mídia social. Para sublinhar tudo isso, eles estão apostando contra fiat, pelo Bitcoin.